NTEU Appointments for FDA 2015 PMAP Awards Committee

NTEU has appointed the following chapter leaders to serve on the FDA 2015 Performance Awards Committee:

  • Sam Collins, President of Chapter 210
  • Cheryl Monroe, President of Chapter 230
  • Mike Theodorakis, President of Chapter 282
  • Todd Dang, President of Chapter 289
  • David Foran, Executive Vice President of Chapter 254
  • Marsha Hayden, Vice President of Chapter 282

Please join me in thanking Chapter 254 Executive Vice President David Foran and other chapter leaders for their dedication.

As always, I welcome your feedback.

Do telework agreements expire?

telework-imageThe 2014 HHS-NTEU Consolidated Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), Article 26, Section 9E, states that:

 “Telework arrangements (agreements) are between the employee and their current supervisor. When employees are detailed or permanently assigned to another organizational unit of the Employer and under another supervisor, the employee and supervisor will need to discuss the continuation and/or necessary modifications to the existing telework agreement.”

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Happy Presidents’ Day!