Happy Halloween! Remember to Vote Today!

Woman reading a book by firelight looks up in horror and says,

Not exercising your right to vote is the scariest thought this Halloween!


Responding to a surveyThe FDA has provided NTEU with a courtesy notice announcing that the Office of Regulatory Affairs’ Office of Policy and Risk Management (OPRM) will issue a voluntary and anonymous survey monkey questionnaire to Office of Regulatory Affairs (ORA) field investigators who conduct inspections that have combination products. The notice states that the objective of the survey is to solicit feedback from ORA field investigators to identify inspectional challenges as well as gaps in the current training regimen for combination products in order to improve the quality of inspections. Depending on the information obtained from the survey, it will be used to either develop a new Compliance Program Guidance Manual (CPGM) or update the current CPGM to include information specific to combination products. Continue reading “ORA OPRM Survey”

Recording of POV-Use Lunch-and-Learn Now Available to BUEs Upon Request

HighwayThe lunch-and-learn recording on personally-owned vehicle (POV) use held today, Friday, October 28, 2016, is now available upon request to bargaining unit employees (BUE).

In this recording, we inform employees of their right to receive reimbursement for the use of authorized POV, present what NTEU is doing about potential Agency violations on this subject, and answer questions on this subject. Continue reading “Recording of POV-Use Lunch-and-Learn Now Available to BUEs Upon Request”