Update on January 2019 Pay Raise

$100 bill frozen in a cube of iceAs you know, a key legislative priority for NTEU has been to block the President’s planned pay freeze and to obtain congressional support and action to secure a pay raise for federal employees this January. Continue reading “Update on January 2019 Pay Raise”

New PMAP for Legal Administrative Specialists

HHS has provided notice to NTEU of a new PMAP for Legal Administrative Specialist positions.

woman carrying filesHHS has notified NTEU that it has created a new Performance Management Appraisal Program (PMAP) for the Legal Administrative Specialist position, GS-0901-09. NTEU first received notice of this new position in January 2018. A copy of the proposed PMAP, including critical elements is available upon request. Continue reading “New PMAP for Legal Administrative Specialists”

Members of Congress Send Letters in Support of Fiscal Year 2019 Pay Increase

Following the President’s August 30 Letter to Freeze Pay, large numbers of Members of Congress are joining in sending letters supporting a pay increase for federal workers in 2019.

$100 bill frozen in a cube of iceFollowing the President’s letter last week to formally implement the January 2019 federal employee pay freeze as called for in his Fiscal Year (FY) 2019 budget request released to Congress in February, over 150 Members of Congress are sending letters in support of providing federal workers a pay increase in 2019.

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