Changing Your Address With NTEU

Woman holding baby and a document in front of a computer while talking on the phone on her shoulder.We have all experienced the chaos that ensues when moving. Even a local move entails a long list of address changes involving driver’s licenses, utilities, and notification to friends, family, and your agency of your new address. Entering a change of address with an agency does not result in an address change in NTEU’s records. Failure to notify NTEU of a new address will prevent you from receiving a membership card, the Bulletin, and other written communications from NTEU that get mailed via U.S. Mail. Continue reading “Changing Your Address With NTEU”

Audio Versions of NTEU Bulletin

NTEU is providing two new versions of the NTEU Bulletin for visually-impaired members.

MP3 format iconBeginning with the October issue of the NTEU Bulletin, visually-impaired members will have new options for getting the news. NTEU will post on the website an audio version in MP3 format and an accessible version in Portable Document Format (PDF) for use with assistive technologies. Continue reading “Audio Versions of NTEU Bulletin”

Update-Your-Contact-Information Campaign

Update your contact information anytime in June and you’ll automatically be entered into a drawing to win an Apple iPad (32gb, Wi-Fi) tablet or one of 20 NTEU Power Packs.Beginning in June, NTEU is launching a campaign urging members to update their contact information to ensure they get news and alerts about key workplace issues. Members who take a moment to update their contact information any time during June will automatically be entered into a drawing to win an iPad or one of 20 NTEU Power Packs (USB drive and external battery for cell phones). Continue reading “Update-Your-Contact-Information Campaign”