HHS Term Table Update

Here is an HHS term table update from this week.

I heart telework stickerYesterday, HHS proposed curtailing telework to one day a week, while permitting managers to eliminate telework altogether for employees if managers see fit. Under HHS’ proposal, this would be subject to managers’ sole discretion and could not be challenged. This would impact thousands of bargaining unit employees who, for years, have teleworked, many for several days a pay period.

When NTEU previously arbitrated grievances to expand telework options to three and four days a week, HHS never reported any widespread problems with the program or with employees performing their work remotely. Telework is a proven benefit for both agencies and employees, saving office costs, keeping cars off the road and cutting commuting expenses.

Telework is just one example of the benefits and rights that employees value deeply that HHS is putting on the chopping block, and that NTEU is fighting to save. We will provide updates on other proposals in the coming days.

Today, NTEU is at the table for the final day of two weeks of bargaining with a federal mediator under a schedule ordered by the Federal Service Impasses Panel (FSIP). NTEU and management will then submit last best offers on disputed articles to the FSIP, which is expected to order adoption of language based on the offers. If a new contract is imposed that is unfair to employees, NTEU is prepared to take action.

Show Your Support for Your Contract

Chapter 212 (HHS San Francisco) members wearing black and “Shame on HHS” stickers
Chapter 212 (HHS San Francisco) members wearing black and “Shame on HHS” stickers

On Wednesday, Chapter 212 (HHS San Francisco) conducted a lunchtime meeting at the FDA Irvine office in support of the NTEU bargaining team and to update employees about the status of negotiations. Employees wore black and “Shame on HHS” stickers for Black Wednesday.

You can demonstrate your support for NTEU’s efforts:

Update on OPM Credit Monitoring Services

OPM announces plans to recompete the contract for providing credit monitoring services for individuals impacted by the 2015 cyber incidents.

Person monitoring her credit onlineToday, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) announced plans to recompete the contract for providing credit and identity monitoring, identity theft insurance, and identity restoration services for the 21.5 million individuals impacted by the 2015 background investigations cyber incident as well as the 4.2 million impacted by the 2015 personnel records cyber breach. According to section 632 of Division E of the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2016, Public Law No. 114-113, OPM is required to provide coverage at no cost to impacted individuals for a period not less than 10 years, lasting through Fiscal Year 2026, and must also provide not less than $5 million in identity theft insurance. Continue reading “Update on OPM Credit Monitoring Services”

FMCS Mediated Term Bargaining Under FSIP Jurisdiction

Team fist pumpMonday was the first day of an abbreviated bargaining schedule with a mediator over your contract. NTEU came to the bargaining table with a good faith effort to reach an agreement that is fair to employees. It remains to be seen if HHS will approach this two-week session with the same illegal, bad faith tactics as when it proposed eliminating one-third of the contract, refused to bargain and then walked out. Continue reading “FMCS Mediated Term Bargaining Under FSIP Jurisdiction”