2019 Federal Employees Almanacs — Now Available for Pre-Purchase

Customized NTEU versions of the 2019 Federal Employees Almanacs can be pre-purchased for the low price of $10.25 each.

Cover of the NTEU version of the 2018 Federal Employees Almanac
Cover of the NTEU version of the 2018 Federal Employees Almanac

The Federal Employees Almanac is one of the most useful guides for employees when looking for information on a wide range of issues that concern federal workers. Because NTEU knows the Almanac is a convenient tool and a much-desired guide, we are offering a 2019 NTEU “custom” Federal Employees Almanac that chapters can pre-purchase for only $10.25 each, including shipping and handling. This is a savings of over $10.00 off of the publisher’s list price. Continue reading “2019 Federal Employees Almanacs — Now Available for Pre-Purchase”

2019 Cost-of-Living Adjustment Information for Federal Retirees

Today, the 2019 cost-of-living adjustment information for federal retirees was announced.

RetirementToday, the Department of Labor announced cost-of-living-adjustment (COLA) information for federal benefits in 2019. CSRS annuitants will receive a 2.8 percent monthly increase starting with January 2019 benefit payments, while FERS retirees will see their monthly pensions adjusted by 2 percent. All Social Security beneficiaries will see their monthly benefits rise by 2.8 percent in January. Under current law, annual increases for FERS annuitants do not equal the full increase once the amount of the COLA is greater than 2 percent. Continue reading “2019 Cost-of-Living Adjustment Information for Federal Retirees”

About POV Mileage to ODS for Road Trips

Here’s some good information from AFGE Local 3381.

HighwayIf you are challenged regarding the mileage reimbursement for use of personally-owned vehicle (POV) to your official duty station (ODS) to switch to a government-owned vehicle (GOV) for an official road trip that requires at least one night’s lodging, share this information in response: Continue reading “About POV Mileage to ODS for Road Trips”