OPM Administrative Leave Feedback

NTEU has submitted comments to OPM with respect to its proposed new rules on Administrative Leave, Investigative Leave, Notice Leave, and Weather and Safety Leave.

United States Office of Personnel Management (OPM) logoHere are NTEU’s comments, submitted on August 4 and August 14, 2017, in response to new regulations proposed by OPM that would change how various forms of administrative leave are approved and monitored. Currently, agencies track the amount of administrative leave granted, but do not record with enough specificity the reason for the administrative leave as OPM is now proposing. Among the issues raised by NTEU in the letters are: Continue reading “OPM Administrative Leave Feedback”

About Compensatory Time for Travel

Official travelSome employees have reported that their supervisor or timekeeper asked them to completed an FDA Form 211 to document their request for Compensatory Time for Travel (CTT). This is not the case. FDA Form 211 is not used to request CTT. Melanie Bourcier, the lead ORA timekeeper, says, “It appears that Comp time (COMP) was confused with Comp Time for Travel (CTT), which have two entirely different rules both in earning and documenting.” Continue reading “About Compensatory Time for Travel”

FDA Chief Proposes Rules Changes to Fight High Drug Prices

Gottlieb urges new regulations to ease generic drug entry to U.S. market

FDA Commissioner Gottlieb
FDA Commissioner Gottlieb
While this is good news, I find it hard to reconcile with the President’s budget proposal for FDA, which includes a reduction of appropriated funds by doubling user fees. We all know that medical products firms will increase costs to consumers to cover the increased user fees. In the end, the American consumer will pay for this.