Telling Our Stories

NTEU has launched a new campaign featuring videos of our members talking about their work on behalf of the American people.

Two FDA consumer safety officers inspecting imported food products in a warehouse
Two FDA consumer safety officers inspecting imported food products in a warehouse

NTEU has launched “Telling Our Stories,” a new public service campaign at highlighting the diverse ways federal employees directly impact the lives of the American public. Many Americans do not have a clear understanding of the work done by federal employees and how that work touches their daily lives. This new campaign aims to bridge that disconnect. Continue reading “Telling Our Stories”

Child Care Almost as Pricey as Rent

Excerpt from LinkedIn Daily Rundown published on August 30, 2018

Woman holding baby and a document in front of a computer while talking on the phone on her shoulder and a document on her handThe average monthly cost for child care in the U.S. is $1,385, according to new analysis by In-home care runs an average of $28,354 per year and childcare at some type of day center costs an average of $9,589 per year. Although costs vary by location, the average monthly cost of childcare in the U.S. is almost as much as the country’s median monthly rent — $1,500. • Here’s what people are saying.

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Flier on President Trump’s Executive Orders

NTEU has produced a one-page summary of the EOs, what they mean to employees and what employees need to do.

man wearing suit jacket sitting on chair in front of woman wearing eyeglassesIn an earlier post, I provided an analysis to assist you with discussing President Trump’s executive orders with colleagues who need to know what’s at stake for them.

NTEU has now distilled the summaries of each Executive Order (EO), what they mean for employees, what NTEU is doing, and what we need employees to do in response into one page. You may wish to hand this out to colleagues at lunch breaks, post in bulletin boards and your workspace, and/or distribute in some other fashion.

As a reminder, information on the lawsuit, detailed analyses of the EOs, and additional material are available in this website and upon request.

NTEU will provide other materials for use in the workplace in the near future.