Accommodations in FDA

The Food and Drug Administration is committed to maintaining a safe and accessible work environment, especially for colleagues with disabilities who may need reasonable accommodations. Meet several FDA employees who can use their expertise to the fullest at least in part due to the reasonable accommodations they receive at their FDA workplace.

What’s wrong with this picture?

pie chart showing federal spanding percentagesNotice the small wedges dedicated to food, medical products, and science. This is why NTEU lobbies Congress to increase the FDA budget. FDA’s mission of protecting the American consumer deserves better resources. Don’t you agree?

It’s only about $18 a pay period…

The Union represents BUEs regardless of membership status. Your NTEU membership gives power to our Union to better serve us. The percent of BUEs who are members makes a difference at the bargaining table with the Agency and while lobbying Congress for better rights, wages, retirement, and agency budget.

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