NTEU’s Capitol Call In Week

February 5 through 9, 2018

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NTEU is holding its annual Legislative Conference in Washington, DC, next week, and NTEU leaders from around the country will be meeting with their members of Congress about the legislative issues that impact federal employees like you every day. Continue reading “NTEU’s Capitol Call In Week”

Legislation Introduced to Reestablish the National Council on Federal Labor-Management Relations

Legislation is introduced to reestablish in statute the National Council on Federal Labor Management Relations that President Trump dismantled by Executive Order last Fall.

People overlapping hands to show unityIn October 2017, President Trump issued an Executive Order (EO) to dismantle the National Council on Federal Labor-Management Relations. The “Presidential Executive Order on the Revocation of Executive Order Creating Labor-Management Forums” overrides both the Obama Administration’s EO 13522, issued in December 2009 to re-establish the Clinton era created agency labor-management forums, and its subsequent EO 13708 issued in September 2015 that extended the authority for the National Council on Federal Labor-Management Relations, co-chaired and operated by the Office of Management and Budget and the Office of Personnel Management. The National Council played an important role in helping to provide visibility and a model for labor-management collaboration, and guidance for agencies in establishing successful forums, while agency labor-management forums provided an opportunity for meaningful labor and management relationships and consultation. Although President Trump’s EO did not have the authority to terminate agency-level labor-management forums that are established under a collective bargaining agreement, or to impact any statutorily-required negotiations, the Office of Personnel Management issued guidance on the EO in December urging agencies to abolish agency level forums. Continue reading “Legislation Introduced to Reestablish the National Council on Federal Labor-Management Relations”

Government Shutdown, Day 2

Agency ShutdownAs of this afternoon, there is no clear path forward with Congress and the administration to end the government shutdown. While those efforts continue, federal employees are suffering through uncertainty and confusion. Continue reading “Government Shutdown, Day 2”