Halloween Flier

Here is a Halloween-themed flier celebrating the power of NTEU members to speak up and make their voices heard.

NTEU superhero (flier)

With Halloween approaching, NTEU created a festive flier celebrating the “superhero” powers of our members who stand up for their rights and make their voices heard as part of our union. Please use this flier in the workplace as appropriate.

Thoughts on HHS Contract Proposals on Your Workplace Rights from your National Field Representative

All Federal Employees Have it Tough, but FDA Employees are Being Unfairly Targeted by HHS

NTEU Field Representative and Assistant Counsel Doug Sanders
NTEU Field Representative Doug Sanders

As the National Field Representative for NTEU Chapter 254, I know first-hand how important the work of the employees of the FDA is to protecting my food supply and ensuring the safety of medicines that keep us all safe and healthy. Your dedication and expertise is paramount to keep our country secure. I cannot thank each and every one of you enough for your service to the United States of America. Continue reading “Thoughts on HHS Contract Proposals on Your Workplace Rights from your National Field Representative”

New Sticker for Shame on HHS Campaign

NTEU is sending newly-designed stickers with messages of support for AWS and telework.

In response to requests for stickers with a more positive message, NTEU designed stickers in support of AWS and telework. These are part of the Shame on HHS campaign and have the same visual theme. The stickers are being sent to every HHS and FDA chapter president, and I will distribute them throughout our chapter upon your request (one per location, please, to save on postage). Continue reading “New Sticker for Shame on HHS Campaign”