Tony’s Dallas Visit

Written by NTEU Assistant Counsel and National Field Representative Doug Sanders

Assistant Counsel and National Field Representative Doug Sanders
Assistant Counsel and National Field Representative Doug Sanders

As the National Field Representative for NTEU Chapter 254, I am fortunate to enjoy so many aspects of my job –assisting employees to better their working conditions, working with all of you to come up with forward-thinking ideas to advance the FDA’s mission, negotiating better arrangements both locally and nationally so that you receive the professional treatment you deserve, just to name some. One distinct pleasure was to see NTEU National President Tony Reardon in action with our employees in Dallas, and to hear so many of you voice to him your ideas, concerns, frustrations, and dedication to your federal service. Continue reading “Tony’s Dallas Visit”

Update on Term Bargaining

NTEU has received notice from the FSIP that it has decided to assert jurisdiction over many of the HHS term table articles.

NTEU. SHAME on HHS. #SHAMEonHHSAs you know, after only two days of bargaining, HHS asked the federal agency charged with resolving bargaining impasses to impose its proposals to gut our contract, including eliminating rights and benefits like telework, AWS, and leave provisions. NTEU opposed HHS’ request, because there had been no bargaining at all, on HHS’ part, much less legitimate reasons offered for eliminating these important rights. Meanwhile, HHS and FDA employees across the country have expressed their opposition to HHS’ proposals in many ways. Continue reading “Update on Term Bargaining”

HHS Proposals on Performance Management Appraisal

This message to bargaining unit employees focuses on protections HHS employees stand to lose if management eliminates the Article 30 covering PMAP procedures.

Overbearing boss, "You don't need NTEU. I will take care of you."
Don’t believe it.

Surprises in life can be fun. Unless they have to do with your performance appraisal.

One of the articles HHS has proposed eliminating spells out your right to a fair appraisal and to challenge your rating if managers don’t follow certain requirements. Without this article, here is what the performance management appraisal program (PMAP) would look like: Continue reading “HHS Proposals on Performance Management Appraisal”