Retroactive 2015 Transit Subsidy Payments

Dallas Area Rapid Transit Light RailWe have received a few emails from employees inquiring about the status of retroactive payments for 2015 transit subsidy benefits. According to the HHS Program Support Center (PSC), the first payments for calendar year 2015 transit retroactive benefits should be in the December 15 paychecks. Apparently, DFAS has also stated that checks for former HHS/FDA staff will be mailed at the same time. If there are any issues, PSC has agreed to let us know right away.

Lunch-and-Learn Presentation on PMAP Self-Assessment

The PMAP self-assessment gives you an opportunity to voice your opinion of your performance during the year and the rating you deserve.

Back to schoolAs December nears, it is time to start your Performance Management Appraisal Program (PMAP) self-assessment per Article 30, Section 12, of the CBA. This is an employee right that NTEU negotiated for your benefit and that management will not ask you for. It is different than an accomplishment report because it empowers you to rate your own performance for the rating period, the calendar year. Continue reading “Lunch-and-Learn Presentation on PMAP Self-Assessment”

Settlement of National Grievance regarding Remote Work Reports for OCR Employees

NTEU and OCR have executed a settlement agreement regarding a remote work reporting requirement for Region III employees that violated the CBA, telework law, and agency policy.

TeleworkingOn December 22, 2016, NTEU filed a national grievance against HHS regarding the implementation of a requirement for Region III employees in the Office of Civil Rights (OCR), to submit remote work reports on telework days, in violation of Article 26 of the parties’ Consolidated Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), the Telework Enhancement Act, and HHS telework policy. In the grievance, NTEU alleged that by requiring teleworkers to submit remote work reports, OCR was treating teleworkers and non-teleworkers differently, and requiring teleworkers to do more administrative work than non-teleworkers. This is a clear violation of the plain language of the Telework Enhancement Act, HHS telework policy, and our CBA.

On November 1, 2017, the parties executed a settlement agreement that requires the agency to: Continue reading “Settlement of National Grievance regarding Remote Work Reports for OCR Employees”