Telework Arbitration Victory

An arbitrator ordered the Office of Medicare Hearings and Appeals to approve requests from Attorney-Advisors for a four-day telework schedule.

photo of woman using her notebook computer at homeI am pleased to share this arbitration decision sustaining NTEU’s grievance challenging the Office of Medicare Hearings and Appeals (OMHA)’s denial of a fourth weekly telework day to two Attorney-Advisors in Irvine, California. Although there are other four-day telework arrangements around, this is the first decision in which OMHA was ordered to grant four telework days per week by an arbitrator. Continue reading “Telework Arbitration Victory”

If You See Something, Say Something

Management doesn’t always notify the union of their proposed changes of working conditions or formal meetings.

woman speaking into a smartphoneSometimes management knowingly or unknowingly violates a law, regulation, and contractual provisions in the CBA and other agreements. These include implementing changes in working conditions without notifying the union or giving opportunity to bargain. Such changes, while seemingly minimal in isolation, have the potential to be overly burdensome requirements in combination with other tasks and over time. This is why it is so critical that you notify your chapter president immediately after you learn of them. Continue reading “If You See Something, Say Something”

Fact Sheets on HHS Final Proposals

NTEU. SHAME on HHS. #SHAMEonHHSAs you should know by now, HHS has proposed to eliminate several Articles from the CBA. These fact sheets will help you better understand what this action would mean to you if HHS succeeds in getting its proposals imposed by the Federal Service Impasses Panel.

Continue reading “Fact Sheets on HHS Final Proposals”