Appointments for 2017 FDA PMAP Awards Committee

Clock on a pile of moneyNTEU has made appointments for FDA’s 2017 PMAP awards pool and committee. These names will be provided to the agency immediately to coordinate the Awards Committee meeting. Continue reading “Appointments for 2017 FDA PMAP Awards Committee”

Union Rights of Excepted Employees During the Government Shutdown

img_8161For excepted employees, everything is the same for the purposes of telework and alternate work schedules during the government shutdown.

Also, union representatives who are excepted may still use official time to represent employees. Furloughed union representatives can only use official time to represent employees in very limited circumstances per guidance from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM): Continue reading “Union Rights of Excepted Employees During the Government Shutdown”

Telework and Excused Absence During Hazardous Conditions

Photo of a car buried in snow with a person trying to reach inside, and text overlay reading, Bosses be like, "you still coming to work, right?"As a reminder, our CBA has several protections for bargaining unit employees (BUEs) affected by hazardous conditions: Continue reading “Telework and Excused Absence During Hazardous Conditions”