HHS FY18 Travel Policy Manual Changes Update

HHS has provided NTEU with a new Article 3 notice on its proposed changes to its guidance on receipts and invoices when employees are traveling.

Person searching in a laudromatOn October 4, 2018, I shared that HHS had provided NTEU with an Article 3 notice that it planned to update three areas of the HHS Travel Policy Manual. During the briefing with NTEU, HHS decided to initially delay the implementation of the receipt and invoice guidance. HHS has now provided NTEU with a new Article 3 notice on the subject. The notice explains: Continue reading “HHS FY18 Travel Policy Manual Changes Update”

HHS Proposals on Performance Management Appraisal

This message to bargaining unit employees focuses on protections HHS employees stand to lose if management eliminates the Article 30 covering PMAP procedures.

Overbearing boss, "You don't need NTEU. I will take care of you."
Don’t believe it.

Surprises in life can be fun. Unless they have to do with your performance appraisal.

One of the articles HHS has proposed eliminating spells out your right to a fair appraisal and to challenge your rating if managers don’t follow certain requirements. Without this article, here is what the performance management appraisal program (PMAP) would look like: Continue reading “HHS Proposals on Performance Management Appraisal”

Recap of NTEU’s Efforts on Term Bargaining

Reminder of our efforts to get HHS to negotiate in good faith and explanation of what’s next.

HHS Secretary Alex Azar
HHS Secretary Alex Azar

For months, you’ve heard about NTEU’s repeated efforts to get HHS to negotiate in good faith over our contract. They’ve asked Secretary Azar to meet with us, and when he refused, NTEU submitted a petition with thousands of our signatures. NTEU has filed multiple national grievances for bad faith bargaining and have alerted members of Congress and the media about HHS’ mistreatment of its employees. Last week, we took our concerns more public with loud and spirited informational picketing outside of HHS headquarters. Continue reading “Recap of NTEU’s Efforts on Term Bargaining”