Veterans Day Flier

Here is a Veterans Day flier for use in the workplace.

Our country will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I on November 11. This date was first known as Armistice Day but now is recognized as Veterans Day.

Celebrating Veterans Day | NTEU honors all those who have served. | NTEU - National Treasury Employees Union

Here is a flier to display in the workplace sharing a message of gratitude to veterans for their courage and sacrifice. I encourage you to post and distribute this flier throughout your workplaces.

Recap of NTEU’s Efforts on Term Bargaining

Reminder of our efforts to get HHS to negotiate in good faith and explanation of what’s next.

HHS Secretary Alex Azar
HHS Secretary Alex Azar

For months, you’ve heard about NTEU’s repeated efforts to get HHS to negotiate in good faith over our contract. They’ve asked Secretary Azar to meet with us, and when he refused, NTEU submitted a petition with thousands of our signatures. NTEU has filed multiple national grievances for bad faith bargaining and have alerted members of Congress and the media about HHS’ mistreatment of its employees. Last week, we took our concerns more public with loud and spirited informational picketing outside of HHS headquarters. Continue reading “Recap of NTEU’s Efforts on Term Bargaining”

National Native American Heritage Month 2018

November is National Native American Heritage Month. Here is a flier to post and distribute in the workplace to commemorate the month-long celebration.

To honor National Native American Heritage Month, NTEU reflects on the powerful influence and impact this rich culture has in our lives.

Here is a flier to distribute and post in your workplace. We also encourage you to visit the official National Native American Heritage Month website for a host of resources and celebrations nationwide.

Native American Heritage Month | November honors and celebrates the rich and diverse traditions, histories, and contributions of Native Americans. Learn more at | (flier)