Update Your Contact Information

It is imperative that we have your current personal e-mail addresses and cell phone numbers so we can contact you outside of agency systems.

Any member can always update contact information through the NTEU site. Simply log in by clicking on the yellow box on the top right corner of the page. Once logged in, click on the yellow box again and then “Manage my Account.”Our ability to communicate with bargaining unit employees is critical to our ability to represent them, and we are asking every member to update their personal contact information. I urge you to make sure we have your complete and current personal contact information on file by visiting NTEU.org, logging in, and then clicking on “Manage Account” in the yellow box on the right corner of the page.


Labor Day Flier 2018

Please post it on NTEU bulletin boards, distribute among your nonmember colleagues, and decorate your workspace with it in solidarity.

Labor Day holds special meaning for unionized federal employees. Here is a flier you can use in your workplace to celebrate the holiday.

ALWAYS FIGHTING FOR YOUR DIGNITY AND RESPECT. Happy Labor Day. NTEU. National Treasury Employees Union.

On Student Debt

Excerpt from LinkedIn Daily Rundown published on August 25, 2018

Cost of educationStudent debt burdens in the U.S. have blown past $1.5 trillion, even though the amounts borrowed have been falling for the past decade. Students are increasingly struggling to make repayments. And relief programs are simply stretching the amount of time borrowers have to make payments rather than easing the burden. According to a report by S&P Global, aggregated debt has grown by $500 billion since the 2010-2011 academic year. The typical student borrower takes out $6,600 a year, averaging $22,000 by graduation, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. • Here’s what people are saying. Continue reading “On Student Debt”