Fact Sheet: Alternative Work Schedules

HHS has proposed eliminating Article 25 from our NTEU contract. Article 25 gives employees the option to have flexible or compressed work schedules.


What You Stand to Lose

If you participate in a Flexible Schedule—Flexitour or Maxiflex, you would lose:

  • Your right to choose your starting and quitting times within flexible time bands
  • Your right to earn and use credit hours in lieu of leave
  • Your right to meet the 80 hour work requirement—on during days and hours—that best meet your needs through a Maxiflex schedule

If you participate in a Compressed Work Schedule—a 5/4/9 or 4/10 schedule, you would lose:

  • Your day off every week or every other week, to devote to family and personal pursuits

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New FDA CSO Vacancies Not Telework Eligible

Without telework and AWS, cubicles and offices will likely shrink in size to accommodate everyone.

Cubicles in bullpen maximizing space utilization
Cubicles in bullpen maximizing space utilization

If you think that your manager will still offer telework if HHS gets its final proposals imposed on us, note that the FDA has already started opening several new Consumer Safety Officer (CSO) vacancy announcements stating they are not eligible for telework. FDA managers are encouraging current employees to apply to these positions. A quick search in USAjobs.gov showed such vacancies at various grade levels and locations across the country. Please read vacancy announcements thoroughly before applying or accepting a new position. Continue reading “New FDA CSO Vacancies Not Telework Eligible”

Anti-Corruption and Public Integrity Act Introduced in Senate

Legislation has been introduced to eliminate the influence of money in the federal government by strengthening ethics, public integrity, and public disclosure laws.

Hundreds of U.S. dollars fanned over open security envelopeSenator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) introduced the Anti-Corruption and Public Integrity Act, S. 3357, which would strengthen government ethics and public disclosure rules to eliminate the appearance of, and opportunity for, conflicts of interest, and create a new independent anti-corruption agency. According to her bill summary, the legislation would: Continue reading “Anti-Corruption and Public Integrity Act Introduced in Senate”