Day of Action Tomorrow

People dressed in blackThe fight to protect the rights you have in your NTEU contract continues. Next up are ‘Wear Black Wednesdays,’ when you can show management your unhappiness, if not outright anger, with HHS’ proposal to discard your contract benefits and rights, like AWS and telework. Participation is easy:

  1. Wear black clothing tomorrow, and every Wednesday that follows until HHS agrees to properly bargain with NTEU.
  2. Tweet directly to Secretary Azar @SecAzar and use the hashtag #SHAMEonHHS.

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Gen Z’s Future

Excerpt from LinkedIn Daily Rundown published August 21, 2018

Generations of arms linkingGeneration Z will account for 32% of the earth’s population in 2019 — more than millennials’ 31.5%, according to Bloomberg. Members of Gen Z, born after 2001, differ from their millennial predecessors (born between 1980 and 2000): They only know a digital world and grew up amid the global recession. Demographic differences are expected to be felt as Gen Z starts to vote and make financial decisions. Here’s what people are saying.