ORA to Implement New SOP for Requesting Office Space

FDA has provided Article 3 notice to NTEU of a proposed new SOP in ORA for requesting internal office space.

Change brings opportunityFDA has provided Article 3 notice to NTEU of a proposed new Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) regarding requesting internal office space in the Office of Regulatory Affairs (ORA). According to the notice, the purpose of the SOP is to establish procedures that set forth how to request internal office space in facilities which support the ORA mission. The agency claims that the SOP establishes a procedure for how it will locate and secure space already in ORA’s office inventory and puts a process in place post-Program Alignment to see where ORA’s workspaces are in order to assist in the placement of employees. The SOP will govern the placement of employees in various locations throughout the United States.

NTEU has requested a briefing and to bargain this change. If you have any comments or questions, please share them with your chapter president.

Author: chapterpresident

I have worked in the FDA since 1990 in a variety of positions. I currently serve as chapter president of NTEU Chapter 254, representing FDA employees in Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and Utah.