Update on Locality Pay Issues

The Office of Personnel Management is issuing proposed regulations to implement additional locality pay areas.

dollar billsThe President’s Pay Agent, which is the Secretary of Labor and both Directors of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), is authorized to determine General Schedule (GS) locality pay areas. As you may recall, in its December 2016 and 2017 annual reports, the Pay Agent formally approved the establishment of four new locality pay areas: Birmingham, AL; Burlington, VT; San Antonio, TX; and Virginia Beach, VA. However, in order for these new locality pay areas to be created, regulations must first be issued and finalized. OPM is now issuing the proposed regulations for their establishment, triggering the beginning of the required regulatory process. Continue reading “Update on Locality Pay Issues”

Time to Demand Respect

NTEU is launching a new, long-term campaign under the theme Respect that will encompass all efforts at battling the Executive Orders, seeking a fair pay raise, fighting off attacks to the retirement system, and demanding good faith bargaining during contract negotiations.

NTEU Respect

Today, NTEU is asking all union members, nonmembers and federal employees across the government to join our campaign for RESPECT for you and your work for our country. Continue reading “Time to Demand Respect”

Respect My Contract

Bargaining begins Monday, July 9. Here are resources to use in the workplace to educate and engage employees, including an open letter to Secretary Azar.

Enjoying these contract benefits? They could soon be gone, if management has its way. HHS has proposed changes to your contract that would erode or outright eliminate important rights and benefits. Along with proposing to eliminate 13 contract articles, HHS wants to prohibit you and NTEU from challenging unfair decisions in 40 different areas. You deserve better. Join NTEU in telling Secretary Azar that respect is more than just a word. Sign our petition at NTEU.org/HHSrespect
Respect My Contract Flier

On Monday, the NTEU bargaining team will sit down with HHS management to begin negotiations on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA or contract). This occurs after three years of delay and the issuance of a trio of Executive Orders (EOs).

NTEU is prepared with bargaining strategy and engagement tools. We need the support of every HHS/FDA employee as we push back against attempts to strip articles and employee protections from the contract, rollback union rights, and diminish collective bargaining. Continue reading “Respect My Contract”