Term Bargaining — Request to Meet with Secretary Azar and Petition Delivery

Tony has asked Secretary Azar for a meeting on Friday, August 10, to discuss term bargaining.

NTEU National President Tony Reardon
NTEU National President Tony Reardon

After receiving a report about yesterday’s bargaining session with HHS, NTEU National President Tony Reardon has decided to ask for a meeting with Secretary Azar much earlier than previously planned. It is clear that the team representing HHS has no interest in reaching an agreement with NTEU. If we want Secretary Azar to intervene, we need to seek his intervention earlier. Therefore, Tony has asked him to meet next Friday, August 10. We don’t know his availability or even if he will agree to meet with Tony but, regardless, Tony will personally deliver a hard copy of the petition that thousands of employees have signed asking the Secretary to do right by employees and instruct his negotiators to pursue an agreement that makes HHS a model employer among federal agencies. Continue reading “Term Bargaining — Request to Meet with Secretary Azar and Petition Delivery”

Jobs Are Cutting Experience Requirements

Excerpt from LinkedIn Daily Rundown

Job interviewEmployers are becoming less picky, reports The Wall Street Journal, dropping skill and degree requirements in order to attract a larger pool of job candidates — especially in cities with the lowest levels of unemployment, such as Dallas or Louisville. An extra 1 million jobs were opened up to candidates last year with “no experience necessary.” • Here’s what people are saying.

Enjoying Telework?

It Could Be a Thing of the Past

Woman on a couch with notebook computer on lapFor thousands of HHS employees, telework is an integral part of their lives. It allows employees to manage their work-life balance while saving time and money commuting. It benefits agencies by increasing productivity, retaining employees and cutting administrative costs.

But it could soon be gone. Continue reading “Enjoying Telework?”