URGENT Grassroots Action

Guarantee Federal Employees a Voice in their Workplaces.

Woman holding baby and a document in front of a computer while talking on the phone on her shoulder.Please contact your Members of Congress and the White House today and over the coming weeks. Together, we must work to block the recently-issued Executive Orders to guarantee a continued frontline federal employee voice at FDA. It is critical that our elected officials hear from their federal employee constituents in large numbers regarding the need to sustain collective bargaining and due process rights for all federal employees, as well as respect for the workforce.

Contact Congress and the White House TODAY.

Man dialing cell phoneAsk Congress to advance legislation (S. 2340 and H.R. 4878) to put federal employees and our representatives back at the table working productively with agency leadership, and urge the White House to rescind its Executive Orders, which harm frontline employees and will make government less effective and responsive to the public.

Click here to contact your members of Congress.

Click here to contact the White House.

Call the White House at 202-456-1414.

For questions or assistance in contacting your members of Congress or the White House, please contact your chapter president or legislative coordinator.

U.S. CapitolAs a reminder, while you may discuss this grassroots campaign on government property, please avoid using the government email system to ask others to contact their members of Congress or the White House. These letters should only be sent on personal time, from a personal device, and not using government email accounts.

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