NTEU’s Testimony for House Federal Workforce Hearing

NTEU submitted testimony underscoring the importance of adequate compensation and employee due process rights to ensure a skilled workforce, employee morale and income security, and a well-functioning government.

NTEU submitted testimony to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee’s first hearing on the President’s Management Agenda.

Office of Management and Budget in the Executive Office of the President of the United States (seal)Unveiled in March, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB)’s plan seeks to “modernize” federal personnel laws and policies, by drastically cutting federal employee compensation (in the areas of pay, retirement and health care insurance benefits, and leave), overhauling performance management and hiring, limiting collective bargaining, and making it easier to discipline and fire employees. Continue reading “NTEU’s Testimony for House Federal Workforce Hearing”

NTEU Member Benefits Guide

NTEU Member Benefits GuideNTEU’s Member Benefits Guide includes all of the discounted products and services that are currently available to NTEU members. This guide is useful for members and when talking to potential members about the many benefits of NTEU membership. Per Article 9, Section 8, of the CBA, you may print (on personal or union-purchased paper), desk drop, and post this guide in bulletin boards. Continue reading “NTEU Member Benefits Guide”

Updated “Bills That Matter” Flier

Here is an updated flier on pending legislation in the current 115th Congress that impacts federal employees.

NTEU has updated our “Bills That Matter” flier highlighting key legislation on federal employee pay, benefits, and workplace rights that we either support or oppose. The flier educates current and potential members on NTEU’s efforts to stop anti-federal employee proposals from advancing, while supporting legislation that provides for a fair pay raise in 2019, adequate agency funding and paid parental leave. The flier also mentions threats from the administration to federal employees’ pay, benefits, leave, due process rights and even their job security. Continue reading “Updated “Bills That Matter” Flier”