Are the Recent IT Upgrades Negatively Affecting Your Performance?

Here’s what you should do about it.

hands on computersBy now, your FDA computer has probably been upgraded to Outlook 2016, and your email has been migrated to the cloud, if not soon. You may have noticed that not all your settings transferred over intact. I have noticed a lot of unsolicited email in my inbox that I previously marked as junk, so I had to mark it as junk again. While these tasks appear to be very small, many of them will actual tax your productivity. Continue reading “Are the Recent IT Upgrades Negatively Affecting Your Performance?”

NTEU Demands Information on ORA Telework Denials

TeleworkingDespite a negotiated agreement to provide more telework opportunities to ORA employees, requests are being denied with concerning frequency. Following grievances filed by several NTEU chapters, including Chapter 254, the union has requested information from the FDA regarding its telework practices. NTEU’s request included: Continue reading “NTEU Demands Information on ORA Telework Denials”