NTEU Communications During a Shutdown

It is imperative that members provide a personal e-mail address in order to receive NTEU communications during a government shutdown.

Woman on a couch with notebook computer on lapWith a possible shutdown nearing, NTEU is working on multiple fronts to ensure members stay up-to-date and have the information and resources we need. NTEU is prepared to be a major source of information for federal employees, but they need your help to ensure they can reach you.

Man reading text messages on cell phoneFederal employees who are furloughed are prohibited from checking their government accounts. Without a personal e-mail address on your member profile page, you could miss out on legislative updates during the government shutdown.

NTEU is asking that you check your member profile and ensure that it is up-to-date with a current home e-mail address and personal cell phone number.

Here is how you can stay up-to-date in three steps:

  1. Log into NTEU.org.
  2. Once on the Members page, click on the “Update My Contact Information” link.
  3. After updating, click the “Update” button.

NTEU may provide shutdown-related text message alerts to those members who provide personal cellphone numbers.

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