NTEU Communications During a Shutdown

It is imperative that members provide a personal e-mail address in order to receive NTEU communications during a government shutdown.

Woman on a couch with notebook computer on lapWith a possible shutdown nearing, NTEU is working on multiple fronts to ensure members stay up-to-date and have the information and resources we need. NTEU is prepared to be a major source of information for federal employees, but they need your help to ensure they can reach you. Continue reading “NTEU Communications During a Shutdown”

Government Funding Update

Action is needed by Friday, December 8th to provide continued government funding to avoid a shutdown.

A dark contrast photo of the US Capitol against cloudy gray skies.On Friday, December 8, the current Continuing Resolution (CR) funding federal agencies will expire. Congress must vote to pass a CR, an omnibus appropriations bill, or some combination thereof, and the President must sign the measure into law, to avert a shutdown. Continue reading “Government Funding Update”