Reminder for Open Season

The annual Open Season begins Monday, November 13, and runs through December 11, 2017.

Cadillac Plan TaxAs a reminder, the annual Open Season, where federal employees can make changes to their health, dental, and vision insurance for 2018, and enroll in flexible spending accounts (FSAFEDS) will be held November 13 through December 11, 2017. Individual health plan brochures, and additional resources, such as information for dental and vision plans, FSA information, and OPM’s improved health plan comparison tool, are available through this OPM webpage.

FSAFEDS logoFederal employees must re-enroll in FSAs annually, and for the 2018 benefit period, the IRS has increased the maximum that can be contributed to a Health Care FSA—individuals can now contribute up to a maximum of $2,650, an increase of $50 from 2017.

Separately, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has recently provided updated guidance to agencies regarding FEHBP eligibility and enrollment for individuals serving as temporary, seasonal, and intermittent employees.

Additionally, OPM has also recently advised agencies to make sure employees relocating from Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands are aware of Qualifying Life Event eligibility that would enable them to enroll in different FEHBP health plans outside of Open Season.

I recommend that all NTEU members, and their family members, make use of this annual opportunity to re-evaluate insurance and other benefit enrollment.

FEHB - Federal Employees Health Benefits. Flu Shots for Feds. 2015Did you know that all FEHB health plans cover flu shots at no cost to their members? Many plans offer flu shots for children and adults at convenient locations like retail pharmacies. Use these tools to find out more: Use your zip code to find your local flu shot at: Always ask about full coverage before receiving care! Review your FEHB Plan Brochure at: For the best protection against seasonal flu, get an annual flu vaccine each and every year. Take advantage of your preventive health benefits! September 2015. OPM - Office of Personnel Management (logo).

Author: chapterpresident

I have worked in the FDA since 1990 in a variety of positions. I currently serve as chapter president of NTEU Chapter 254, representing FDA employees in Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and Utah.