Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Member Benefit

This is a reminder that NTEU has a relationship with Colonial Life to provide NTEU members with access to various insurance products.

Colonial Life (logo) Making benefits count.While NTEU members typically have health insurance, that coverage might not pay for the indirect costs of accidents, sicknesses, and hospitalization—the costs no one thinks about until they become a reality. Colonial Life offers supplemental products that can help fill the gaps left by health insurance, with premiums paid through convenient payroll deduction. Colonial Life products share important features: Continue reading “Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Member Benefit”

9/11 Remembrance Flier

Here is a flier for use in the workplace in honor of 9/11.

We are once again approaching the anniversary of the September 11, 2001, attacks on the United States. NTEU will always remember the lives lost, the families left behind and the dedicated public employees who responded. Across the federal government, NTEU members mourned even as they worked to rebuild and aid our country and our citizens. Continue reading “9/11 Remembrance Flier”