NTEU Chapter 254 Survey Results on the Retroactive Transit Subsidy Reimbursement

A summary report on our Retroactive Transit Subsidy Reimbursement Survey

Not long ago, we surveyed the FDA employees within our chapter’s jurisdiction to learn of their experience with the Retroactive Transit Subsidy Reimbursement process that resulted from NTEU’s actions. Continue reading “NTEU Chapter 254 Survey Results on the Retroactive Transit Subsidy Reimbursement”

NTEU Chapter 254 BUE Survey on ORA Program Alignment

Summary of responses to our ORA Program Alignment Survey.

Our chapter recently surveyed the ORA bargaining unit employees within our jurisdiction on their experience with Program Alignment so far. The massive restructuring of ORA has been controversial, but we wanted to gather data and analyze it for trends. Continue reading “NTEU Chapter 254 BUE Survey on ORA Program Alignment”

Congress Passes FDA User Fee Reauthorization Bill

Congress has completed action reauthorizing FDA’s user fees. The bill now goes to the President.

img_7869The United States Senate has passed HR 2430 by a vote of 94 – 1, legislation to reauthorize user fees collected by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). The bill, which previously passed the House, now goes to the President’s desk. Continue reading “Congress Passes FDA User Fee Reauthorization Bill”