NTEU Members Save on Back-to-School

Back to schoolThe start of August means school bells will soon be ringing. Are you ready? Before you buy a single pencil, notebook, or backpack, check out NTEU’s member benefits page for discounts at Office Depot/Office Max, Costco Wholesale, and more.

Address Change Request

The Agency does not inform NTEU when a member changes address. Unless you contact NTEU or update the address in NTEU.org, mail from NTEU will not reach you.

Man on a couch with notebook computer on lapWe have all experienced the chaos that ensues when moving. Even a local move entails a long list of address changes involving driver’s licenses, utilities, and notification to friends, family, and your agency of your new address. Entering a change of address with an agency does not result in an address change in NTEU’s records. Failure to notify NTEU of a new address will prevent members from receiving a membership card, the Bulletin, and other written communications from NTEU that get mailed via U.S. Mail. Continue reading “Address Change Request”

ORA Use of OP Travel Database SOP

The FDA has notified NTEU that it plans to implement a SOP entitled “Use of SOP Travel Database.”

Official travelPursuant to Article 3 of the the CBA, the FDA has notified NTEU that the ORA Office of Partnerships (OP) plans to implement a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) entitled “Use of SOP Travel Database.” Per the notice, ‎the purpose of the SOP is to provide specific work instructions for all OP staff for entering their planned travel and associated costs into a SharePoint list. The list will be used by the OP Budget Lead and management to track and manage the office travel budget.

NTEU plans to negotiate over the matter and has requested a briefing for that purpose.

If you have any comments or questions, please contact your chapter president.