Letter to the Editor of the Dallas Morning News

I wanted to share with you the clipping of my letter to the editor of the Dallas Morning News, which published today in print and tomorrow online:

Don't hamstring civil servants. It's a challenging time to be a federal employee, but as president of Chapter 254 of the National Treasury Employees Union I can attest to the dedication of our nation's civil servants, even in the face of threats to cut their pay, their benefits and their jobs. Federal workers in small towns and large cities all across America are committed to serving the American public. Whether they protect the border, process tax filings, catch financial scammers, keep the air and water clean and safe, or inspect new food and medical products, these employees deserve a fair wage and the necessary resources to carry out their missions. Indiscriminate budget cuts and across-the-board hiring freezes only hamper their ability to deliver vital public services. We urge our fellow Americans to stand with us to protect the integrity of the civil service and make sure government functions efficiently and effectively for everyone. David Arvelo, Dallas