Addendum to FDA Exit Survey MOU

ExitNTEU and FDA have executed an addendum to the parties’ agreement regarding the development and implementation of a voluntary exit survey for employees separating from FDA. The addendum extends the survey to employees who are transferring between FDA centers but not separating from the agency. The purpose of extending the survey is to gain insight into employee experiences at the FDA centers. Continue reading “Addendum to FDA Exit Survey MOU”

OPM Warns of Scam that Targets Federal Annuitants

United States Office of Personnel Management (OPM) logoRecently, The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) shared with us information on an aggressive phone scam that is targeting federal retirees. Generally, it is reported that the scammer calls federal retirees, claiming to be an OPM employee, and states that the retiree’s annuity is about to end unless the retiree makes an immediate payment to end a criminal prosecution. Continue reading “OPM Warns of Scam that Targets Federal Annuitants”