Telework Grievance Win

disadvantages-telework-1-1-800x800Recently, NTEU Chapter 254, representing a bargaining unit employee (BUE), successfully settled a grievance against FDA’s Office of Regulatory Affairs (ORA) where management unilaterally implemented an unwritten policy limiting episodic telework to two days per week. The employee, an investigator, used to telework episodically up to five days per week to perform duties compatible with telework.

teleworkIn the settlement agreement, the Agency agrees that the Grievant’s current, episodic telework agreement contains no blanket limitation on the number of telework days per week, and that the Southwest Region has no policy restricting the number of telework days per week, and it will instruct front-line supervisors in the Southwest Region that the Grievant’s participation in telework under this telework agreement should be considered on a case-by-case basis, maintaining management discretion to approve or deny telework based on the needs of the individual office consistent with the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) between the parties.

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Author: chapterpresident

I have worked in the FDA since 1990 in a variety of positions. I currently serve as chapter president of NTEU Chapter 254, representing FDA employees in Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and Utah.