Request for Comments: Enhancing Patient Engagement Efforts Across the FDA

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) logoFDA opened a public docket to solicit input on ongoing efforts to enhance mechanisms for patient engagement at the Agency. Engaging with patients, their caregivers, and advocates has long been a priority of the Agency. In this tradition, FDA intends to enhance future patient engagement by providing a more transparent, accessible, and robust experience for patient communities. To achieve these goals, FDA is considering establishing a new Office of Patient Affairs. Continue reading

Retroactive Transit Subsidy Payments to HHS Employees

Dallas Area Rapid Transit Light RailThe notification and payment process is underway for HHS employees who are eligible for retroactive transit subsidies under the global claims process and settlement agreement NTEU negotiated, following our successful arbitration victories. This was a hard-fought victory, and it is important that eligible employees understand the terms of the agreement to ensure that they receive proper notice of eligibility and accurate payment. Continue reading

About the 14-Hour Foreign Travel Rule

Not long ago, NTEU Chapter 254 represented two ORA investigators in a grievance related to the 14-hour rule stated in the Federal Travel Regulation (FTR), 41 CFR §301-10.125:

When may I use the 14-hour rule to travel other than coach-class (see § 301-10.123(b)(6))?

(a) You may use the 14-hour rule to travel via other than coach-class when:

(1) The origin and/or destination are OCONUS [Outside the Continental United States]; and

(2) The scheduled flight time, including non-overnight stopovers and change of planes, is in excess of 14 hours; and

(3) You are required to report to duty the following day or sooner.

(b) Scheduled flight time is the flight time between the originating departure point and the ultimate arrival point including scheduled non-overnight time spent at airports during plane changes. Scheduled non-overnight time does not include time spent at the originating or ultimate arrival airports.

(c) If other than coach-class accommodation is authorized based on the 14-hour rule then you will not be eligible for a rest stop en route or a rest period upon arrival at your duty site, in accordance with internal agency procedures pursuant to § 301-70.102(j).

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