Chapter Representatives Update: Merelynn Rhoten’s Retirement

Change brings opportunityRecently, Union Steward Merelynn Rhonten retired from FDA. Although Merelynn served for a short while, we appreciate her willingness to step up.

As a result of Merelynn’s departure, I have updated the About NTEU Chapter 254 page, SharePoint site, chapter flier, “stay informed” flier, and trifold brochure. Please replace outdated fliers and brochures in bulletin boards in accordance with Article 9 of the CBA.

Our current, updated roster is:

  • David Arvelo, President
  • David Foran, Executive Vice President
  • Roger Farmer, Treasurer
  • Robin Reel, Secretary and Steward
  • Roosevelt Turner II, Chief Steward
  • Mike Roberts, Steward
  • Terri Lewis, Steward
  • Brenda Dirks, Steward
  • Anjanette Smith, Steward
  • Deborah McGee, Steward
  • Charles (Matt) Fogle, Steward
  • Andre Watson, Steward
  • Kimberly Story, Steward
  • Anya Lockett-Evans, Steward
  • Alcee (Moose) Tavarez, Steward
  • Christina (Tina) Mayer, Steward

Representative location and contact information is available in the Outlook Global Directory.

Please join me in thanking Merelynn for her service to our Chapter and wishing her all the best in her retirement.