Don’t Panic; Organize!

Don't panic; organize!

NTEU Letter to House Republicans on Rules Package for the 115th Congress

U.S. House of Representatives

Last Friday, NTEU sent a letter to House Republicans concerning their proposed Rules Package for the House of Representatives for the upcoming Congress, which is set to convene today. A draft copy of the House majority’s planned rules of procedure for the 115th Congress has been unveiled, and they include a change for appropriations measures that would re-institute the so-called Holman Rule, which was first used in 1876 and ultimately abandoned in 1983. Under the Holman Rule, amendments would be allowed on appropriations measures that are legislative in nature (generally banned) and which would allow specific amendments to reduce the number of federal employee positions at agencies, as well as to reduce federal employee salaries and compensation. Continue reading “NTEU Letter to House Republicans on Rules Package for the 115th Congress”