ORA SWR-ADM.012 V1.0 SWR Compensatory Time for Travel (CTT) Procedure NOT for BUEs


ORA bargaining unit employees, please note that the SWR-ADM.012 V1.0 SWR CTT Procedure and form therein is not intended for your use per Quality Management Specialist Kumudini Carter and Southwest Region management.

Please remember that Article 22 of the CBA contains the agreement between HHS and NTEU with regards to CTT. The agency did not negotiate per Article 3 of the CBA the use of the SWR-ADM.012 V1.0 SWR CTT Procedure or the form therein with the Union for use by BUEs. Therefore, you are not required to use it.

Please let me or another Union representative know immediately if management is requiring you to follow this procedure and form.

I welcome your questions and comments on this subject.

It’s Your Choice

“The decision you must make as an individual represented by a union is no different from your obligations as a member of a democratic society. You can choose to remain uninformed about the issues, listen to rumor and hearsay—and fail to participate in the daily life of your union. Or, you can change your behavior. Just as with what happens in the society as a whole, you can gripe about who’s leading, and the decisions that are being made. Or, there is an alternative. You can take ownership, share in the responsibility, get involved, study your contract and the bylaws—and take charge. Active participation means you’re not sitting on the sidelines waiting for positive results.” — Unions 4 Workers