Correction to Today’s Timecard Verification Reminder Email

Office of Regulatory Affairs (ORA) logoToday, Friday, July 22, 2016, ORA Senior Advisor Daryle Harris broadcasted an email with the subject “Reminder – Timecard Verification.” On the second to last paragraph, he stated, “for the ORA Timekeepers to complete their role in entering any premium hours earned, changes to their regularly scheduled tour hours, or leave request entries in ITAS on behalf of an employee, that the Time and Attendance form, along with the required documentation with supervisory approval, must be submitted…” However, the Agency has not negotiated a time and attendance form with the Union. If Mr. Harris’ statement was intended for bargaining unit employees (BUEs), this would represent a unilateral change in working conditions in violation of Article 3 of the CBA and an unfair labor practice (ULP) in accordance with 5 U.S.C. § 7116 (a) (5) and other statutes.

I am certain that this was simply an oversight since Mr. Harris was addressing all employees, not only BUEs. While BUEs have to provide their timekeepers with updated information regarding premium hours and corrections with supporting documentation showing supervisory approval, the use a time and attendance form is completely optional. BUEs can simply state the updates and corrections in an email or a written note with supporting documentation.

Most importantly, employees verifying their timecard in the ITAS system who work their standard tour hours and do not require a timekeeper to enter premium hours, premium pay, change of tour hours, or leave on their behalf, will not be required to submit a separate timesheet. The employees ITAS timecard verification will indicate to the timekeeper and supervisor that their hours are correct and ready for approval.

I welcome and encourage your feedback on this subject.