Clarification on ITAS Timecard Verification Process

I have received a lot of concerns and questions about the ITAS Timecard Verification Process mandated by the Agency, particularly as it relates to concurrent reports of time and attendance. I hope the following will clarify this issue.

When the Agency decided to implement this procedure, they notified the Union and provided opportunity to bargain over impact and implementation. One of the Union’s requirements was that employees verifying their timecard in the ITAS system who work their standard tour hours and do not require a timekeeper to enter premium hours, premium pay, change of tour hours, or leave on their behalf, will not be required to submit a separate timesheet. The Agency agreed. This provision is in the FDA Timecard Verification Guidance 2016.

Clock on a pile of moneyEmployees verifying their timecard in the ITAS system that require the timekeeper to enter approved premium hours, a change to their regularly scheduled tour hours, or leave requests in ITAS on their behalf are still required to submit their timesheet in accordance with Article 25 (AWS) of the CBA or existing agency, center, or office procedures in order for the timekeeper to accurately input their timecard data prior to the employee verifying the timecard. All existing procedures for requesting premium hours or premium pay remain in effect.

Please remember that, per Article 4, Section 1 C, of the CBA, the provisions of the CBA trump any provisions in Agency policy, regulation, rule, instruction, or manual, including personnel policies contained in the FDA’s IOM, that are in conflict with the CBA.

Please let me know if you have additional questions or concerns about this process.