Summer 2016 Membership Campaign

NTEU, like any other union, derives its power from its members. NTEU Chapter 254 currently has 191 members out of 731 bargaining unit employees (BUE) that we represent. That’s only 26.1% of the BUEs in the chapter. Management and members of Congress pay attention to our membership numbers. As we approach negotiations for a new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) with HHS, it is more important than ever that we increase our percentage of BUEs who are NTEU members.  The quality of every employee’s work life is dramatically improved by NTEU representation, through contract negotiations, educating and lobbying Congress on agency funding and other matters, in the courts and administrative agencies, and more. With more members, we could do much more.

The most interesting man in the world, "I don't work for FDA. But if I did, I would join NTEU."NTEU is conducting a Summer Membership Campaign. This 2016 campaign—Working Toward a Better Future—runs from June 6 through September 30, 2016. NTEU National will pay our chapter $50 for every new Standard Form 1187 signed by a BUE during the campaign period.

Our chapter’s executive board has decided to give $25 to each new member and $25 to the member recruiter. Note that $25 is more than your biweekly Union dues. Our chapter treasurer will disburse these funds after the campaign ends and we receive all the campaign funds due from NTEU National.

Please be aware that the union does not have to represent an employee in an oral reply in connection with a proposed disciplinary action if they do not belong. And the NTEU lawsuit related to the OPM databreach will only benefit current members. Get covered today!

Only through collective action can we build a better future for every federal worker.