Flag Day 2016

On June 14 in 1777, the Second Continental Congress of the United States adopted the Stars and Stripes as the new country’s official flag. Local Flag Day celebrations began around 1890, and in 1949 President Truman made National Flag Day official.

Flag Day 2016. NTEU is proud to celebrate the symbol of our nation and the values for which it stands. Federal employees embrace those values every day. The National Treasury Employees Union.NTEU is proud to stand with our national flag and all the federal employees who work under its banner.

I encourage you to share this flier in your workplace to recognize this symbol of the United States and the federal workforce that keeps our country moving.

Help with due dates, duration, and time zones

TimeandDate.com (logo)Many of us often struggle figuring out due dates based on number of workdays, determining the number of workdays in a range of dates, and planning meetings across time zones. One useful resource to tackle such tasks is http://www.timeanddate.com/. Continue reading “Help with due dates, duration, and time zones”

Proposed legislation would limit veterans’ preference

United States Senate logoA provision in the Senate’s version of the fiscal 2017 National Defense Authorization Act would limit veterans’ preference to a veteran’s first federal job only.

Learn more at Federal Soup and contact your members of Congress today!