Political activity and Hatch Act limitations

Under the Hatch Act, federal employees may not participate in partisan political activities while on duty or in a federal building. More specifically:

Federal employees may:

  • Register and vote as they choose
  • Assist in voter registration drives
  • Express opinions about all candidates and issues, privately and publicly
  • Run for election to a non-partisan office
  • Contribute to TEPAC or other political organizations or attend a political fundraising function
  • Sign petitions, including nomination petitions
  • Wear political badges, buttons (except in government buildings, wearing a government uniform or while on duty)
  • Run for office within party organizations and affiliated groups
  • Attend political conventions, rallies, and meetings as an elected representative of a partisan organization
  • Take an active part in political management of campaigns
  • Solicit contributions to TEPAC from another NTEU member provided that the contributor is not a subordinate employee
  • Spouses and other members of an employee’s family may engage in all forms of partisan political activities.

Federal Employees May Not:

  • Be candidates for partisan public office
  • Use their official position to influence election results
  • Engage in political activity in government buildings or while on duty (including using government e-mail systems to distribute political messages)
  • Collect, solicit or receive contributions from the general public
  • Wear a government uniform or government insignia while engaged in political activities

Please distribute and post the NTEU Hatch Act flier in your offices to remind employees of this requirement.

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