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Adequate Agency Funding

We protect... The air you breathe... The water you drink... Our homeland security... And much more. Federal Employees... They work for U.S. www.theyworkforus.orgThe Budget Control Act of 2011 imposed caps on federal spending and put in place Sequestration, or automatic cuts, that had a crippling effect on the government’s ability to deliver services. The modest relaxation of the caps for FY2016 and FY2017 has been insufficient to provide agencies the funding needed to accomplish their missions, yet some members of Congress want to go back to sequestration funding levels. That would be devastating. Continue reading “Adequate Agency Funding”

Protecting Employee Workplace Fairness

Stern-looking man with a cigar, Collective bargaining rights for federal employees are much narrower than those in the private sector. There is no requirement that anyone become a member of a union or pay dues, even though a union that has won a representational election is required to represent every employee in the bargaining unit, whether they choose to join and pay dues or not. Continue reading “Protecting Employee Workplace Fairness”