ORA Time Reporting System Pilot Memorandum of Understanding

TimeNTEU and HHS have executed an agreement over (FDA) ORA’s implementation of a Time Reporting System (TRS) pilot program. The TRS is a system designed to improve transparency and accountability in resource allocation by allowing the agency to track how ORA is utilizing its resources. The program will require ORA employees to enter information on an as-needed basis into a system which reflects the activities they perform each day and the amount of time spent on each. The pilot program will run for a period of 120 days.  Continue reading “ORA Time Reporting System Pilot Memorandum of Understanding”

NTEU 2016 Legislative Conference this week

NTEU, working for a better future. 2016 Legislative Conference.David Foran, Roosevelt Turner II, and I are attending the NTEU 2016 Legislative Conference from Monday through Thursday this week. Our mission is to convince our legislators to increase federal employee salaries, enhance our employee and retirement benefits, and better fund FDA so we can better serve and protect the American consumer.

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