Wireless Internet Access in ORA Southwest Region offices

Binary codeManagement notified our chapter representatives that the Dallas offices (SWRO, DAL-DO, and SWID) are currently having wireless internet access installed. Also, Kansas City District Office will get wireless internet access soon.

I asked several questions about this, and Acting RFDD Karen Kreuzer responded:

Me: When will this installation occur?
Kreuzer: Scheduled to be completed Saturday, February 6, 2016

Me: When will the wireless internet access be active?
Kreuzer: TBD. After installation and system checks are completed we will send an email to notify staff when it is available. No training is needed but we can note in the email what button to switch for activation on their laptops.

Me: Will management have new or different expectations from BUEs with the availability of wireless internet access?
Kreuzer: Nothing new or different. BUEs can use it for work purposes as needed. It’s a very nice tool for laptop mobility (taking their laptop to other’s offices/space, conference room, etc.) within the FDA floors of building 4040 or other FDA offices that have Wi-Fi capability.

Me: Will there be wireless-specific restrictions other than those already in existence for internet access at work?
Kreuzer: The same restrictions that already exist. Individuals are prohibited from connecting to the Wi-Fi with their cell phones/other personal devices. This is strictly for government use (Official business).

Me: Will there be new SOPs developed related to this new service?
Kreuzer: No, not at this point.

Me: Is there a MOU in place related to wireless internet access?
Kreuzer: Not that I am aware of. Several locations in HQ and ORA have this capability. We worked very hard to have it installed at the 4040 site. If employees do not want to use the capability then they can turn off the Wi-Fi switch on their laptop.

I also asked her if other offices in ORA SWR will get wireless internet access. I will comment on this post her response.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns on this subject.

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