Updated list of Chapter representatives

Change brings opportunityI am happy to announce the appointment of Anya Lockett-Evans and Merelynn Rhoten as Union stewards, and Roger Farmer, retired chapter president, as chapter treasurer.

I thank Ron Sisk for his many years of service as chapter treasurer; Celicia Brown for her many years of service as steward, chief steward, and executive vice president; and Sylvia Gaytan for her service as steward. I am particularly grateful for their service and dedication to the American consumer.

Our current roster is:

  • David Arvelo: Chapter President
  • David Foran: Chapter Executive Vice President
  • Roger Farmer: Chapter Treasurer
  • Robin Reel: Chapter Secretary & Steward
  • Lisa Michel: Denver Vice President
  • Terri Lewis: Steward
  • Brenda Dirks: Steward
  • Anjanette Smith: Steward
  • Deborah McGee: Steward
  • C. Matthew Fogle: Steward
  • Andre Watson: Steward
  • Roosevelt Turner II: Steward
  • Kimberly Story: Steward
  • Anya Lockett-Evans: Steward
  • Merelynn Rhoten: Steward