FDA Office/Lab Closures in Our Chapter

Photo of a car buried in snow with a person trying to reach inside, and text overlay reading, Bosses be like, "you still coming to work, right?"Friday, January 22, 2016 – The FDA Jefferson Laboratories are CLOSED due to inclement weather.

If you have an existing, approved telework agreement in place, you must telework during inclement weather unless you are on some form of leave.

However, if your home loses electrical power, and you are unable to drive to the office due to the weather or resulting road conditions, you can request administrative leave / excused absence in accordance with Article 20, Section 4 C, of the CBA:

“If hazardous weather or other emergency conditions occur during the workday and an administrative order to close the workplace has not been issued, the Employer may grant excused absence for all or part of the workday if the employee provides the supervisor with acceptable written justification that a reasonable effort was made to get to work, but severe weather or other emergency conditions prevented him or her from doing so. The Employer’s decision will be fair and equitable. If the employee has a disability, his or her disability must be taken into account in determining what constitutes a reasonable effort. If the supervisor denies a written request for excused absence, upon request, the denial will be in writing.”

This section also applies to BUEs who do not have an existing, approved telework agreement in place.