Upcoming Changes to the Thrift Savings Plan

The TSP expects additional withdrawal options to be available in the fall of 2019, and there are changes to the L funds and call centers enhancements.

604px-us-thriftsavingsplan-logo-svg_The Employee Thrift Advisory Council, of which NTEU is a member, met with the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board staff yesterday. The Board presented the Council with updates on various Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) programs. First, the additional withdrawal options, which were championed by NTEU, should be available by the fall of 2019. They plan to eliminate the age 70 withdrawal deadline, and to allow monthly, quarterly, and annual installment payments, instead of only a monthly option. In addition, there will be no limit to post separation withdrawals, and up to four age-based in-service withdrawals will be available. The participant will then be able to decide whether the installments come from the traditional TSP or the Roth TSP. They will officially announce these changes in January. Continue reading “Upcoming Changes to the Thrift Savings Plan”

Update on Government Funding for FY19

Government funding for Fiscal Year 2019 remains in flux for several agencies, including FDA.

114th United States Congress
114th United States Congress

As Congress returns for the lame duck session following the midterm elections, the number one priority will be wrapping up the outstanding appropriations bills for Fiscal Year (FY) 2019. In September, Congress passed two large appropriations packages providing full-year FY19 funding for several agencies covered by the Military Construction-Veterans Affairs, Legislative Branch, Energy and Water, Department of Defense and Labor-Health and Human Services appropriations bills as well as a Continuing Resolution (CR) for other agencies that have otherwise not received FY19 appropriations, thereby preventing a partial government shutdown through December 7, 2018. Continue reading “Update on Government Funding for FY19”

HHS FY18 Travel Policy Manual Changes Update

HHS has provided NTEU with a new Article 3 notice on its proposed changes to its guidance on receipts and invoices when employees are traveling.

Person searching in a laudromatOn October 4, 2018, I shared that HHS had provided NTEU with an Article 3 notice that it planned to update three areas of the HHS Travel Policy Manual. During the briefing with NTEU, HHS decided to initially delay the implementation of the receipt and invoice guidance. HHS has now provided NTEU with a new Article 3 notice on the subject. The notice explains: Continue reading “HHS FY18 Travel Policy Manual Changes Update”