Update on Term Bargaining

NTEU has received notice from the FSIP that it has decided to assert jurisdiction over many of the HHS term table articles.

NTEU. SHAME on HHS. #SHAMEonHHSAs you know, after only two days of bargaining, HHS asked the federal agency charged with resolving bargaining impasses to impose its proposals to gut our contract, including eliminating rights and benefits like telework, AWS, and leave provisions. NTEU opposed HHS’ request, because there had been no bargaining at all, on HHS’ part, much less legitimate reasons offered for eliminating these important rights. Meanwhile, HHS and FDA employees across the country have expressed their opposition to HHS’ proposals in many ways. Continue reading “Update on Term Bargaining”

ORA OHAFO Implementation of Incoming Firm Correspondence SOP

FDA has provided notice to NTEU of ORA’s plan to implement an Incoming Firm Correspondence SOP.

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In accordance with Article 3, Section 2B, of the parties’ Consolidated Collective Bargaining Agreement, the Food and Drug Administration provided notice to NTEU of the Office of Regulatory Affairs (ORA), Office of Human and Animal Foods Operations’ (OHAFO) plan to implement an Incoming Firm Correspondence Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). The agency states that the purpose of this SOP is to establish a standardized process for proper receipt and distribution of all types of incoming firm correspondence for OHAFO. Further, the proposed SOP provides clear direction and formalizes the process for actions taken on incoming firm correspondence, ensuring that the process is harmonized across all OHAFO. Continue reading “ORA OHAFO Implementation of Incoming Firm Correspondence SOP”

Top 10 NTEU Accomplishments Flier

As we prepare to wrap up this year’s celebration of NTEU’s 80th anniversary, a new flier looks at some of the significant accomplishments NTEU has secured on behalf of federal employees.

NTEU's Top Ten @ 80: Your workplace would be very different without NTEU. Here are just some of the ways we’ve improved your working life: WON SIGNIFICANT REFORMS TO THE HATCH ACT, OPENING THE POLITICAL PROCESS TO FEDERAL EMPLOYEES | Led the fight for benefits like telework, alternative work schedules, and overall leave programs at the bargaining table and on Capitol Hill | Successfully worked to secure RETROACTIVE PAY for federal employees after a 16-day government shutdown | Obtained core employee benefit programs including pensions and health insurance that guarantee overall income security for employee and retirees | SUPPORTED PASSAGE OF THE FAMILY AND MEDICAL LEAVE ACT | Won hundreds of millions of dollars in back pay for federal employees denied their rightful compensation | Protected federal employees’ free speech rights in several court cases—including a win at the Supreme Court | SECURED PHASED-IN CREDIT FOR UNUSED SICK LEAVE for workers covered under the Federal Employees Retirement System | Won a historic legal victory striking down key provisions of the president’s executive orders stripping critical workplace rights and protections | Won flexible spending accounts, saving you money on health insurance premiums and medical bills with pre-tax dollars | We’re ready for another 80 years of fighting for you. Join us. NTEU.org
NTEU’s Top Ten Flier

As we near the end of the year and NTEU’s celebration of our 80th anniversary, a new flier lists some of our most important achievements for federal employees. Please distribute and post this flier in your workplace.