Update on the Shutdown, FY19 Government Funding

The 25-day government shutdown continues as the House failed to pass a stop-gap spending bill, H. J. Res. 27, which would have reopened agencies and provided funding through February 1st. The Continuing Resolution (CR) was brought to the floor under a streamlined process that requires a two-thirds majority vote. The final vote was 237-187. The House plans to consider another measure on Wednesday that funds government through February 8th as part of a $12.14 billion disaster aid bill (H.R. 268). A third measure, H. J. Res. 28, planned for Thursday would fund agencies through February 28th. Continue reading “Update on the Shutdown, FY19 Government Funding”

Federal District Court Judge Denies NTEU’s Request for Emergency Shutdown Relief

After oral argument, a federal district court judge denied NTEU’s request that the government be stopped from continuing to force federal employees to work without pay.

Resting gavelOn January 13, 2019, NTEU filed an emergency motion in federal district court in Washington, D.C., requesting an immediate hearing in connection with NTEU’s lawsuit challenging the shutdown. NTEU argues in this lawsuit that the ongoing shutdown violates the Constitution which bars the government from entering obligations (such as the eventual obligation to pay employees affected by the shutdown) unless there are funds appropriated by Congress. Today, at noon, a federal district court judge heard argument on NTEU’s emergency motion. Continue reading “Federal District Court Judge Denies NTEU’s Request for Emergency Shutdown Relief”

Update on Shutdown and FY19 Government Funding

ChessThe stalemate over reopening the government continues. The House and the Senate were in session today, but there were no votes on legislation to end the shutdown. Continue reading “Update on Shutdown and FY19 Government Funding”